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Yoga & Movement Anatomy Training

Warrior Bridge is excited to announce that we will be opening several days of anatomy instruction to the public during our upcoming 200-hour yoga teacher training!

This series of eight three-hour workshops will be taught by Emily Lesinski and Sean Langhaus.

Emily is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and co-lead teacher in the Warrior Bridge Yoga Teacher Training, and hopes to instill a level of understanding for new or practicing yoga teachers that goes beyond names of muscles and joints. In this coursework we will break the body into regions and explore agonist and antagonist muscle groups, biomechanics of joint structure and function, common pathologies and normal variances, and much more. Attendees will come away from this experience with a better understanding of how the body is affected by the yoga and movement practice and hopefully some new ideas on building sequences that are both more effective and safer for yoga students.

Dates And Times:

SAT Sept 22, 2p-5p: Intro Anatomy for Yoga and Movement

Refresh your anatomy vocabulary, or gain a basic set of terms to more easily discuss common movement cues, body parts and tissue types. Strongly recommended if you’ve had no anatomy instruction before taking the rest of the series.

SAT Sept 29, 9a-12p: Spinal Anatomy

The spine is the part of the skeleton that not only protects vital parts of the nervous system, but provides a stable base from which the rest of the body can move. Learn about different regions of the spine and their characteristics, and what “backbending” and “forward folding” really mean, and why your spine moves differently than your friend’s on the mat next to you.

SUN Sept 30, 9a-12p: Hip Anatomy

The hip is the connection of your trunk and pelvis to your lower extremities, and while it is very stable, many yogis have hip pain. Come learn about the structure and function of this large ball-and-socket joint, as well as natural differences in shape and orientation.

SAT Oct 13, 9a-12p: Shoulder Anatomy

The shoulder may be analogous to the hip, but they are structurally and functionally very different. This lecture will delve into the unique joint and muscle structure that holds this joint together while still allowing all the movement our upper extremities need. And if you think handstands are hard, you’ll leave this talk with a better understanding of why!

SUN Oct 14, 9a-12p: Knee/ Elbow Anatomy

The knee joint is the largest weight bearing surface of the body, while the elbow does more than bend and straighten. These two hinge joints are more complex than they first appear, and pain in these areas often stump yoga teachers. Come find a better understanding to keep your students safe!

SAT Oct 20, 9a-12p: Wrist/ Ankle Anatomy

Depending on how we prefer to orient ourselves, our ankles and feet usually connect us to the earth, and our wrists and hands provide dexterity and versatility! The complex anatomy of these areas are not covered in many teacher trainings, yet are so important for our everyday function and for a fulfilling asana practice. Come gain a better understanding of how the feet help to balance your tree pose, and how the hands can create that fingerstand.

SUN Oct 21, 9a-12p: Science of Strength

This lecture will be a survey of concepts and research. What is meant by “strength” or “endurance”? What happens when a muscle “gets stronger”? We’ll discuss these ideas, as well as different types of muscle tissue and how they work best.

SUN Oct 28, 9a-12p: Science of Flexibility

Is “flexibility” the same thing as “mobility”? Can you really get that split by stretching your hamstrings? We’ll talk about many different approaches to flexibility and current concepts that the clinical research world has uncovered.


Warrior Bridge Members Price $50

Single session $75

8-day series $490

Warrior Bridge Members Price $440



Workshop I - Tumbling Basics and Icarian Drills

Nov 3
Saturday 2-5

This session will begin with a focus on the solo movements most helpful for learning dynamic popping skills. You don’t need to be able to perform a standing front tuck to be good at Icarian, but understanding your body in space and some aerial awareness is key. William will cover some of the tumbling movements most important to start leveling-up.

We will also work in this session on the best partner drills for clean, consistent pops that are an absolute pre-requisite for bigger, riskier skills. Whether you are newer to Icarian or have practiced a lot, you’ll get some individual attention with tips and advice for becoming super-calibrated in your training.

Workshop II - Progressions for the Big Skills

Nov 4 Sunday 2-5

In this workshop we’ll build on strong foundations to work towards more advanced Icarian skills. Interested in pops into or out of foot-to-foot? Want to work towards front tucks or castaways? Advice and drills will be given for bases to generate power while maintaining accuracy, and for flyers to increase body awareness for more skillful shape changes. Some experience with Icarian is necessary to join this workshop.


After twelve years of high level competition in tumbling (acrobatic/gymnastic), William went into the circus world where he started icarian games as his main discipline in Ecole de Cirque de Quebec. He graduated in 2013 and had the chance to perform in Australia, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italia and Canada. William performed with famous companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Palazzo cabaret (Germany, Austria), GOP varieté (Germany) and he will soon start a new world tour with the Canadian company: Flip Fabrique.

EARLY BIRD RATE, Before Oct 26:
$45 per person person per session
$90 for both sessions

$55 per person per session
$100 for both sessions

Master Classes & Workshops - TT Guest Instructors

Master Workshops with Isaac Peña

  • SUN Oct 21, 2p-5p: Inversions with Isaac Peña

Come get upside down with one of NYC’s most sought-after instructors! Isaac’s playful teaching style, combined with his extensive experience with all types of bodies will have you floating in ways you never thought possible.

  • SUN Oct 29, 2p-5p: Contortion with Isaac Peña

Join one of New York’s bendiest and most popular teachers for this workshop on deep flexibility. Whether you’re ready to put your heels on your third eye or are just learning to touch your toes, you’ll come away from this practice having done something new!

Master Workshops with Erin Vaughan

  • SUN Nov 18, 9a-12p: Energy Anatomy with Erin - Lower Body

    This master instructor and acupuncturist will discuss lower body channels and chakras. Accompanying energy anatomy, kriyas and chants will be covered and a practice will round out the morning.

  • SUN Nov 18, 2p-5p: Energy Anatomy with Erin - Upper Body

    Erin’s instruction will continue with the upper body channels and chakras. Again, anatomy, kriyas and chants for these regions will be discussed and a practice will reinforce the concepts.

Workshops and Master Class with Phillip Askew

  • SUN Nov 11, 2p-5p: Arm Balances and Inversions with Phillip Askew

    Come play with what many consider some of the most challenging asana, arm balances! Crow variations, mayurasana and other bent-arm shapes, with maybe some handstands thrown in will have you floating out of the studio!

  • SUN Dec 9, 2p-5p: Complete Practice with Phillip Askew

    Join Phillip, a nearly 20-year practitioner and teacher, for a complete hatha practice. A combination of pranayama, asana and meditation will aim to both challenge and bring the student a sense of clarity.

Yoga and the Pursuit of Happiness with Sam Chase

  • SAT Dec 8, 2p-5p

    Join Sam for a discussion of material from his recently-published book as he brings his unique perspective, having taught yoga students of all ages, body types and backgrounds. He has a unique ability to stoke conversation that is both thought-provoking and informed by extensive research and data. You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from Sam!

$75 Non-members
$55 Active Members & Class Pack Holders



Train P3 Intensive

Sep 15th-16th

9AM - 5PM


with Nerijus Bagdonas

This intensive introduces students to the Train P3 method. Train P3 is a holistic, movement, and skill based approach to strength training and healthy living. Created by coach Nerijus Bagdonas - to improve Performance, Power and Physique. Train P3 method focuses on teaching you how to be the most functional and healthy human being, a strong and well rounded mover and a powerful athlete. You will learn a systematic approach to conditioning joints and muscles, improving functional mobility, holistic lifestyle, nutrition tips and other tools to help you become a nimble, intelligent, and adaptable mover. 

For more information and to sign up, click HERE  (click on the WB logo, log in/continue without account, click "Workshops" tab)

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Past Events!

AcroFit Training & Certification

 Aug 7th - 9th

9am - 5pm

with Amy Impellizzeri & Eddie Salguero



AcroFit Training and Certification Course
Amy Impellizzeri and Eddie Salguero

AcroFit is a community fitness program designed to develop smart, and functional strength in a safe, fun & progressive environment. You will work individually, in partnership and in groups to build muscles and endurance through body weight exercises and acrobatic training.

For more information and to sign up, click HERE  (click on the WB logo, log in/continue without account, click "Workshops" tab)

For more on Acrofit, click

Early Bird Registration Until July 15 --- Use Discount Code: NYSUMMERFIT


Warrior Bridge

200 hr

Yoga & Movement  Teacher Training


Are you ready to live like a warrior? Throughout our 10 weekend teacher training program you will transform the way you move, gain a newfound understanding of yoga and movement while cultivating your voice as a teacher.

In our training aspiring teachers will learn a system of yoga, movement and meditation techniques from which they can design practices that range from restorative and healing to vigorous flows incorporating strength training and advanced asana. Training will be led by some of NYC's most respected yoga and movement teachers including Sean Langhaus, Emily Lesinski, Sam Chase, Isaac Pena, Erin Vaughn and David Rome.


In-depth Anatomy & Kinesiology

Yoga History & Philosophy

Asana & Movement Sequencing

Kriyas & Pranayama

Chakras & Meridians

Teaching Methodology and Practice Teaching

Hands-on Adjustments & Bodywork Techniques

Dates & Times

Our next training!

September 22 - December 16
Saturday & Sunday

*No training the weekends of 10/6, 11/3, 11/24