Acro Warrior Fall Immersions


We are super excited to bring the Acro Warrior Training Immersions back to Warrior Bridge this fall! Over the course of four weekend-long immersions we will break down, practice, and refine skills from across the spectrum of the acro practice. In our training we will offer tools for intelligent warm-ups, clear explanations and well-thought-out progressions as well as an emphasis on community building and inclusivity. Throughout training we will also spend significant time refining and developing our personal movement practices through handstand and flexibility training, acrobatic movement and conditioning, as well as other movement arts. The weekends will consist of four 3-hour workshops as well an additional 4 optional 90 minute classes and 3 jams.

Training will be co-led by the Acro Warrior Teacher Trainers including Sean Langhaus, Emily Lesinski, Mendel Romanenko, Bassam Kubba & Laura Lebron.

MODULE 1: Foundations of Flight
September 27th - 29th

These sessions will be all about building a solid foundation to take your acro practice further. Each session will explore the art of calibration, communication and collaboration within a particular acro skill set. Each workshop will include an exploration of essential progressions, preparatory skills and solo movements to make your acro practice flow with efficiency and ease.
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MODULE 2: The Art of Balance
October 18 - 20
This module will work through many skills that require patience and strength to find stillness in balance. We'll work on solo skills, particularly handstand, and take that awareness into the partner work. As we progress through the weekend we'll find additional challenge with variations that get taller and remove points of contact to grow towards advanced skills.
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MODULE 3: Dynamics Skills & Transitions
November 22nd-24th

Movement is what gets us to places, and stillness is what will allow us to appreciate where we have arrived. Proper positioning and alignment will set us up for ease in holding poses and dynamically moving and flowing transitions. Skill sets learned will include tempo popping, Icarian, whips, standing, and L-basing flows.

MODULE 4: The Advanced One
December 13th - 15th

This immersion will focus on on tools to prepare for and practice challenging skills and movements. We will ask for and offer tools for precision and focus from flyers, bases and spotters as we work into peak skills. Each session will include training and progressions for key solo movement skills to make high level acro achievable, including handbalancing, tumbling and strength/ weight training.

Full Weekend: $200
Full Day $120
SIngle Workshop $65

Warrior Bridge Member Rates
Full Weekend: $150
Full Day $90
SIngle Workshop $50

Susie Vanessa Inversion & Flexibility Immersion

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 2.09.33 PM.png

Join us at Warrior Bridge as we welcome Susie Vanessa for a weekend of going upside down and getting bendy.

The weekend will be divided up into 4 three hour workshops.

Saturday October 26th @ 9am - 12pm: Flexibility Training
This workshop is all about equipping you with the best tools to practice flexibility. We will cover tools for effective warm up, proper conditioning, and methodology for increasing and maintaining flexibility. We will draw from the practices of yoga and contortion, to help students towards their goals. This workshop is an excellent investment for a student looking to safely and effectively practice on their own or enhance their in-class experience, and teachers will gain a methodology teaching, and guiding students towards their flexibility goals.

Saturday October 26th @ 2pm - 5pm: Building Strength for Handstands & Handstand Progressions
As the name would suggest, this workshop is structured around performing a more stable and balanced handstand. We will break down how to perform a handstand step by step so that students will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of a handstand line. Students will learn different entrances, how to safely fall out of a handstand, and dynamic movements through handstand. We will also explore finding different shapes in handstand including: diamond, straddle, stag, double stag, flag, and even one arm handstand. We will introduce drills and progressions for those working toward a press handstand.
No matter where you are in your handstand practice, this workshop will meet you at your skill level. Even if it’s your first time ever training handstands, you will go home with drills and tools to build your practice.

Prerequisites: none

Sunday October 27th @ 9am - 12pm: Arm Balances & Introduction to Inversions
This introductory workshop will start with 45 minutes of practice followed by a break down of how to perform technique driven headstands, forearm stands, arm balances, and handstands. Students will also explore these arm balancing poses: crow, titthibhasana, koundimyasasna 1 & 2, croc, and galavasana.

Sunday October 27th @ 2pm - 5pm: Backbends, Splits, & Flexibility Based Handstands
This workshop will focus on deepening backbends and splits through drills and technique. We will move through various postures such as wheel, Kapotasana, drop backs, and chest stand to open the thoracic / upper back and shoulders. Students will learn drills and techniques for deepening middle splits and front splits. Finally, this workshop will culminate in adding these deeper backbends and splits to the handstand with poses such as handstand scorpion, seven shape, mexican handstand, handstand to chest stand, backbend kickover to handstand, tic tocs, and adding splits and staddle splits to the handstand.

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Single Session: $65
Full Day: $120
Full Weekend: $200

Warrior Bridge Members get a discounted rate! Email warrior to claim these rates.
Full Weekend: $170
Full Day $100
Single Workshop $55

Acro with Heidi and Micah

Copy of IMG_20180509_111324_902.jpg

Heidi and Micah are coming to New York! Together they combine acroyoga, circus and contact improvisation into a challenging and compassionate practice, intent on keeping partner acrobatics intriguing and sustainable, exploratory and humane. These two guides love to share everything balance, and witness you excel in new and unsuspecting ways.



Super-free balances, Hand-balancing, Reciprocal movement | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Dedicated to our favourite techniques for centering and deepening the baseline of our practice towards greater awareness, range and freedom in all partner movement. With the nervous system stimulated yet calm, we can breathe longevity, listening and inner life into our acro practice while executing awesome moves.

Viva Flow | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Unusual slackro, tempos and partner hand-balancing weave together in this original strong-flyer flow. To be at your best for this challenging sequence, we suggest you also attend Session 1, as we’ll be working key primers in this earlier session. Heidi and Micah developed this partner sequence for Vivacroyoga festival in Montreal 2018; it has yet to be reproduced in its entirety by anyone else. If you succeed, untold treasures await you! 


Fully-in! | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Heidi and Micah bring you a taste of their contact improvisation practice, topped off with a heap of partner acrobatics. Expect level-changing and role-changing as bases fly and flyers base (momentarily!). Static holds give way to dynamic moves, challenging as well as surprisingly simple transitions add new dimension to your partnering. 

Surprise Skillshop | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

T.B.D. based on requests over the weekend!

About the Teachers:

Micah Ellinger has been immersed in the world of partner acrobatics since 2008, starting with an intensive circus program for 9 months at New England Center for Circus Arts in Vermont, and in 2016 completed 3 years training hand to hand at École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.  Since then he has been performing internationally with several companies, including Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, and Circus Monti. In between performing contracts he enjoys connecting with the recreational and hobbyist acrobatic communities, teaching worldwide at workshops, intensives, and festivals. 

IG: @micah_ellinger

𝗛𝗲𝗶𝗱𝗶 𝗕𝗹𝗮𝗶𝘀 is a slackline, acroyoga and handstand teacher and innovator. From walking some of the world’s longest highlines, to balancing on minimal points of contact in acroyoga, playing with weight and gravity is her mojo. Hand-to-hand has become a wellspring of creative possibility in her acroyoga research. The former architect loves to deconstruct movement and share her understanding with others. She seeks to open students to their own potential on a journey of empowerment, towards that undeniable voice that cries, “We got this!” Her approach is as centered around “priming”—physical and mental preparation for greater cohesion in partner movement—as it is around delivering awe-inspiring moves. She teaches worldwide and is senior teacher trainer with Acroyoga Montreal. Heidi is born in California, based in Montreal.

IG: @heidiblais

𝗠𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗵 𝗘𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿 and 𝗛𝗲𝗶𝗱𝗶 𝗕𝗹𝗮𝗶𝘀 met in Montreal in 2013, and have been evolving their corporal conversation ever since.


Early Bird by November 7th -

single session: $50

two sessions: $90

full weekend: $170

After November 7th -

single session: $65

two sessions: $115

full weekend: $200

WB members get 15 percent off. Email for more information.

Handstands with Kristy Grosart

2017_SMNR_Amsterdam_Straddle-OAHS_Kirsty (2).jpg

Kirsty was national gymnastics champion and a competitive coach in Scotland. A severe elbow injury ended her career as a gymnast. But, in her thirties — and now living in Canada — she rediscovered the joy of handbalancing and bodyweight fitness.
Join us at Warrior Bridge on March 7th & 8th and learn how to balance your handstand with Kristy.

MASTER THE HANDSTAND - Saturday, March 7th from 9am -12pm
Learning a handstand as an adult can be a hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. In this workshop we will focus on getting upside down (and back on your feet) safely, moving away from the wall with confidence and how to find your balance every time you kick up. This workshop is for beginner handbalancers.

We will cover:
- Wrist preparation and how to use your hands to balance
- Body positioning for handstand
- Kicking up with control
- How to spot
- How to bail
- Finding balance
- Programming for handstands

There will be lots of time for 1-1 feedback and coaching.

NEXT LEVEL HANDSTANDS - Sunday, March 8th from 9am -12pm
This workshop is for intermediate level handbalancers wanting to take their handstand skills to the next level.

We will cover some of the following (based on level and interest of participants):
- Some tips and tricks to improve your freestanding handstand
- Different handstand shapes and positions
- Different handstand entries & exits
- Press to handstand
- Handstand push-up
At the end of this workshop you will feel confident exploring your handstand safely and will have lots of new tricks up your sleeve.